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We fix water? What does that mean? It means that here at Aaron Service & Supply, we are dedicated to bringing your household or business water system to a state of safety and purity. Our water treatment professional has years of experience with small medium and large residential and commercial applications.


Understanding your water health is as simple as calling for a water test. Assessing the quality and condition of the water in question is so valuable to how to treat and maintain the water for future use. Some common particulates that can be found in water are arsenic, magnesium, calcium, and bacteria such as E. coli which can be very harmful. Dissolved gases such as sulphur and carbon dioxide can be found within water as well.


Keeping your system operational:

We carry all the products necessary to maintain a water system such as filters, pumps and, UV lights, as well as the knowhow and the tools to install it. If you need something and we don’t have it in stock, we can get it in for you.


Ryan Anderson
Water Treatment Specialist


  • BC Water & Waste Association Operator

  • Small Water Systems Operator

  • Water Treatment & Well Pump Technologies Certified

  • GE Homespring™ Installation and Maintenance Certified

  • Licensed VIQUA Retailer

Water Testing

Water Systems & Supplies

Water is a resource that all of us tend to take for granted. We turn on the shower, the kitchen faucet, and the garden hose and out pours an endless supply of fresh, clean water. What many of us may not realize, though, is that our water supply is not a never ending supply and it is not as clean as it may appear. Chlorine is popularly used but it is unable to effectively treat some of the harmful bacteria found in the water. Exposure to certain harmful bacteria can cause severe gastrointestinal illness and even death among people with compromised immune systems.

Water Testing, Consultation and Treatment Systems

Residential and Commercial:

First the water is drawn from the source, placed on ice as each test is time sensitive, then sent by air to an accredited Laboratory. Results are completed in seven to ten days and provided to the customer with an explanation and consultation if the test proves to show a health risk to the property owner. Recommendations are provided to the customer for appropriate water treatment technology and systems to provide worry-free and healthy drinking water supply. Many issues must be considered such as quantity or gallons per minute, usage or persons utilizing this source, issues such as coliform bacteria, fecal or e-coli bacteria, iron, manganese, arsenic, ph, turbidity, tannins & UVT and hardness. Once these issues are discussed and explained, the customer will then decide how they wish to proceed. Some water systems are very simple in design and easy to install and others, for more complex situations, will take extensive consultation and discussion to assist the customer to reach the right decision.

UV Systems

How Does UV Light Work?
UV technology can be more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of the water. This makes it a practical process for treating water that is used for drinking and food preparation.

UV light disinfects by penetrating microorganisms and disrupting their DNA, preventing them from multiplying. The only function of a microorganism is to breed and produce colonies this is why when we ingest microorganisms they make us sick. These organisms get into our intestinal system, begin to breed and produce colonies which cause our bodies to react trying to get rid of this invasion. This is the reason why bacteriological contamination is almost always associated with occurrences of diarrhea. A microorganism which cannot breed is of no concern.

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of water. This makes it a practical process for treating water used for drinking and food preparation.

Treating our water supply by the use of UV disinfection is not only more effective than traditional treatments, but it is also an environmental responsible way of treating our water. There are no disinfection by-products with the use of UV which is safe and chemical free. Plus, UV does not alter water chemistry and its constituents, such as pH, taste, odor, or colour.

Purchasing a UV disinfection system for your home has a capital low cost as well as a low operational cost. The energy used by a UV disinfection system in an average size home is comparable to the same energy used by a 40-watt bulb!

How to Replace Your UV Lamp/Bulb


  • Carbon
  • Activated alumina
  • Arsenic filter
  • Radial flow cartridge


  • Pumps 
  • Metering

Chemical Treatment

  • Chemical injection


  • Expansion tanks
  • Bladder tanks

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