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BioOne®: The Proven Formula for Biological Maintenance

BioOne® is used by plumbing and pumping professionals to effectively clean drain lines that get clogged with anything from grease to fat, oil and waste water. Made with naturally occurring bacteria cultures; BioOne® is safe to use because these bacteria digest the buildup in the drain lines. BioOne® is all natural and contains no chemicals that are harmful to the environment. At Aaron Service and Supply, we are proud to carry BioOne® products for drain cleaning in Powell River. This product is great for replacing the products you may be currently using that are made up of dangerous chemicals. BioOne® is ideal for uses in:Type text here

• Drain Lines
• Septic Systems
• Drain Fields
• Grease Traps

One Biotechnology

Directions for Use


  • Preventive M aintenance: Apply 2 ounces per month directly into each drain. 
  • Slow drains: Apply 2 ounces per day directly into drain for 5 consecutive days or until drain flows freely. 
  • Septic System: Flush ½ gallon down the toilet immediately after pumping. Add 4 ounces per month to maintain system. 


  • Preventive Ma intenance: Apply 4 ounces per week directly into each drain. 
  • Slow Drains: Apply 4 ounces per day directly into drain for 5 consecutive days or until drain flows freely. 
  • Grease Traps:Apply 1 gallon per month directly into grease trap. 

For best results, apply BioOne® during times of minimal water usage, and store at room temperature.

BioOne® Product Pricing


BioOne® 64 oz. Jug

BioOne® 5 Gal Pail


Large quantity pricing and special promotion pricing may apply. To find out about special promotions and to order, email

Aaron’s BioOne® Experiment:

For this experiment, we added 2 oz. of BioOne® to 5 oz. of grease and fat on June 2, 2017. Take a look at the images below to see what happened to the grease and fat after just 5 days.

Day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2


Day 3

day 4

Day 4

day 5

Day 5

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