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Aaron Service & Supply has been operating on the West Coast of Canada for nearly 45 years. Family owned and operated, Aaron’s focus since day one in 1979 has been to provide quality products with excellent customer service. We supply coffee and tea, paper products and food service, and we specialize in bottled water, including treatment and maintenance for commercial and residential applications.

Serving the Powell River Area Since 1978

Coranne Anderson


Ryan Anderson

Water Treatment Specialist

Trevor Anderson

Sales Manager


Purely Refreshing


Aaron is eco-conscious when it comes to the selection of new products and services. We offer a large selection of environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and compostable, including cleaning products that have low to no impact on its surroundings.

Proud Supporters of:

In 1990 Aaron Service & Supply started a new company under the Orchard View Holdings Ltd. umbrella called “Purely Refreshing.” At our Powell River location “Purely Refreshing” focuses on ethical, healthy purified water and ice.

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